Thursday, November 19, 2009


Next week we'll be launching three weekly photo sections:
1. a series on the great variety of ingredients used in all of Bep's dishes and drinks
2. a series on the board we use to advertise the specials
3. a series called "What is Marcos wearing today"

Special for this week! Bo Kho- Vietnamese beef Stew!

At Bep we try to use as much ingredients of the season. In Fall Apples are everywhere so we are integrating some apples in a roll dish- We will call it Goi Cuon Tao- Summer roll with apple- I guess we could it Autumn roll. ( Roll filled with apples, Pork and Shrimp with vermicelli).
What better when it is cold than a good bowl of Beef Stew- We would propose the Vietnamese Beef stew cooked with lemongrass, tomatoes, Star Anise served with Fresh Thai Basil and either toasted bread or rice noodles!

We love that mix!!!

We really enjoy the music mix made by Pocketknife and Don Vu for Gargyle. We would play it starting tonight at Bep. You can download it to that site.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We are launching 3 weekly photo updates on the blog and on facebook, we call them bepxercises, or something like that. Also, later today I'll be posting the pictures of last Monday's roadtrip to Chinatown. Spoiler warning! Marcos did something ridiculous, An revealed a secret ingredient of that day's special and Jose recorded a fight between two very angry dudes.