Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bep one year anniversary!!!

It’s true what people say. The restaurant business (especially in NYC) is not easy. But luckily, with great support from our friends, family, and fans like all of you, BEP will be celebrating our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Yes, one year ago, we started popping up on Mondays inside Simple Café in Williamsburg. We had such a great response that we decided to open Thursday and Friday nights. Monday, January 25th, our special will be a take on an old childhood favorite…Bo nuong vi. Customers will get to wrap and roll their own spring rolls! It’s a fun and interactive way to start a new year with BEP.
Bo Tom Nuong Vi: Roll your own rolls with beef and shrimp and Mam nem ( shrimp and pineapple sauce)
Banh Mi Ga roti- Bep's favorite sandwich- Roast Chicken sandwish
Special dessert: Rice pudding a la mode "l'ami Jean" (famous recipe from Paris restaurant l'ami jean) topped with sesame briddle, apricot and creme anglaise!
Thank you for all your support!

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