Friday, September 3, 2010

Luckyrice 2010 NY Asian Food market festival

It has been such a long time that we did not have updated the blog. We were pretty busy with a lot of events like food festival and also with the biggest of our life...our wedding me ( An Nguyen Xuan) and Janis Bui just got married in France in end of July. In the beautiful domaine de la butte ronde that my friend owns near Paris. Check out his website.
Here are few pictures of the last food festival we did, it is called Luckyrice Food Festival, the event was hosted by David Chang (owner/chef of Momofuku). Luckyrice replicated a night market like we commonly find in Asia and wanted to expose New Yorkers to the experience of a night food market like in Asia. It gathers a diversity of food stands from Chinese, Vietnamese, Malay, Korean.... It was a great event and it gathers so many people. We had so much fun to do it and we hope to redo it again next year.
An from Bep-